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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) are the terms of use on which you may make use of  to buy Waders of the Indian Subcontinent. By using the Website, you indicate that you accept these Terms & Conditions and that you agree to abide by them. This Website is a site operated by Harkirat Singh Sangha. 

Terms of Sale  

Please read through the following Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase carefully. They comprise the terms on which you are permitted to purchase items from Harkirat Singh Sangha on this website. 


If you wish to purchase Waders of the Indian Subcontinent you must submit the completed order form. Your order will not be accepted unless you place me in a position of being able to receive full payment for your order.


If I agree to accept your order, I  will confirm this by email and will supply the book to you in accordance with the Confirmation and with these Terms. The sale of the Waders of the Indian Subcontinent via this Website will be governed by a contract between you and me formed when you have placed an order.


You acknowledge that:

(a) all information and specifications relating to the book produced  are approximate only; and
(b) the colour and photographs/ colour plate of the book on this Website may vary from the product supplied to you.

(c) the pre-publication price (25 % discount) of the book is Rs 2400/- in India only. The cost of the book outside India is USD 45 + costs of postage and packaging. The stated price of the book after 31 December 2021  is Rs 3200/-  in India only inclusive of costs of postage and packaging.

(d)  I  reserve the right to revise the price of the book on this Website without notice. I also reserve the right to refuse to supply the book to an individual or company, for whatever reason.

(e) the book will be dispatched through a registered Indian Post  (government-operated postal system) and the estimated delivery time will vary based on the location in the country. That holidays or postal processing may affect delivery time.

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